How to Replace the Valve Cover Gasket on the 2003 Ford Explorer

by Robert Good
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The 2003 Ford Explorer comes with one of two types of engines: V6 and V8. On both of these engines the valve cover gasket will be replaced the same way. The only difference between the two engines is the torque specifications. The gaskets are located between the engine and the edge of the covers, and the covers are located on the top right and left sections of the engine in plain sight.

Step 1

Locate the valve covers on the top left and right side of the engine. Connect the socket to the ratchet and remove the bolts from around the edge of the valve covers.

Step 2

Pull the valve covers off of the top of the engine and locate the gasket on the inner edge of the cover. Scrape the gasket off of the cover using the screw driver.

Step 3

Place the new valve cover gasket onto the inner edge of the cover and replace the cover to the top of the engine. Replace the securing bolts to the covers and tighten the bolt to the torque specifications for that engine type. The torque spec for the V6 engine is 46.7 and for the V8 it is 51.9.

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