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How to Replace the Fuses in a Saturn VUE

by Contributor

The Saturn VUE was introduced in 2002. Whether you have one of these original models, or a newly redesigned 2008 model or later, an electrical fuse can go bad. When this happens, replace it with a good fuse quickly and cheaply.

Step 1

Turn off your Saturn VUE first. Find your fuse box under the hood near the battery.

Step 2

Open the cover and look at the back of it. Listed, you'll find the location of all fuses housed there. For example, in a 2000 Saturn VUE the fuse for the cigarette lighter is in the end slot.

Step 3

Pull out the fuse using your fingers or a fuse puller. Look at the wire in the middle to see if it's split or melted.

Step 4

Replace the blown fuse with a new one that has the same rating. The cigarette lighter fuse in the 2000 Saturn VUE example listed in Step 2 uses a 20 amp fuse.

Push the new fuse in securely and close the fuse box cover. Restart your vehicle and verify that the new fuse works.


  • If you have a 2000 Saturn VUE with tail or brake light issues and your fuse is good, check with the dealer. There was a recall on many of the taillight assemblies and you may get this corrected for free.

Items you will need

  • New fuse with same rating

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