How to Replace the Fuses in a Saturn VUE

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The Saturn VUE was introduced in 2002. Whether you have one of these original models, or a newly redesigned 2008 model or later, an electrical fuse can go bad. When this happens, replace it with a good fuse quickly and cheaply.

Turn off your Saturn VUE first. Find your fuse box under the hood near the battery.

Open the cover and look at the back of it. Listed, you'll find the location of all fuses housed there. For example, in a 2000 Saturn VUE the fuse for the cigarette lighter is in the end slot.

Pull out the fuse using your fingers or a fuse puller. Look at the wire in the middle to see if it's split or melted.

Replace the blown fuse with a new one that has the same rating. The cigarette lighter fuse in the 2000 Saturn VUE example listed in Step 2 uses a 20 amp fuse.

Push the new fuse in securely and close the fuse box cover. Restart your vehicle and verify that the new fuse works.


  • If you have a 2000 Saturn VUE with tail or brake light issues and your fuse is good, check with the dealer. There was a recall on many of the taillight assemblies and you may get this corrected for free.

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