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How to Replace the Fuses in a GMC Sierra

by Contributor

The GMC Sierra comes in various styles, including the 1500, 2500 and 3500. In any of these, you would use the same steps if you need to replace a blown electrical fuse. In a few minutes and with little to no cost, you can replace the bad fuse with a good one on your own.

Step 1

Turn off your GMS Sierra before removing a fuse. Look under the hood for the first fuse box, located on the driver's side.

Step 2

Find the other fuse box inside the Sierra on the driver's side. It's located on the edge of the instrument panel. This is a good place to check first for more common fuses if you do not have an owner's manual available to tell you the location of the fuses.

Step 3

Pull off the cover to access the fuses. Read the inside of that cover to find the location of the fuses housed there. In a 2002 GMC Sierra, you'll find the power seat fuse in the slot labeled Seat.

Step 4

Remove the fuse and check the wire inside. A melted or broken wire means the fuse has blown.

Step 5

Find a fuse of the same rating to replace the blown one. The example in Step 3 on the power seat uses a 10-amp mini fuse.

Click the new fuse into place and shut the fuse box cover. Test out the new fuse once your restart your Sierra.


  • Verify the proper fuse rating against the fuse box's panel on your model Sierra. Otherwise, replacing a blown fuse with a fuse of a higher rating can blow again or cause damage to your electrical system.

Items you will need

  • New fuse of same rating

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