How to Replace the Fuses in a Chevy Corvette

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Chevy has changed the body style on the Corvette numerous times throughout the years. A blown fuse in any of these models can happen and is simple to fix yourself. Replace the blown fuse inexpensively and in just minutes, no matter the style or year of your Corvette.

Shut down your car before opening the fuse box. Find the fuse box on the passenger side of the console by the door.

Open the fuse box and look at the inside of the cover. Read the list to locate the fuse you need to replace. As an example, you can find a 1993 Chevy Corvette's turn signal fuse in slot 24.

Remove the fuse using a fuse puller, grasping the fuse with the wide end of the puller and squeezing to pull it out.

Verify the fuse you pulled is the one blown by looking for a broken wire in the middle of the fuse.

Change the old fuse out for a new one of the same rating. Locate the amperage on the inside cover of the fuse panel for verification. The 1993 Corvette's turn signal referenced in Step 2 needs a 10 amp fuse.

Replace the fuse cover and start the Corvette. Confirm the new fuse has solved your issue.


  • check There are two other fuse boxes in the engine compartment that house the maxi fuses used for larger electrical items such as anti-lock brakes and mim fuses for smaller items like low-beam lights.

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