How to Replace the Fuel Pump in a Fiero

by Benjamin Skinner

Imagine that you have just finished filling the gas tank of your bright red Fiero and a few minutes after leaving the station your car sputters and shuts off as if it were out of gas. You hop out and look for leaking gasoline, but there is none to be found. You probably need to replace the fuel pump. The fuel pump moves the fuel from your tank to the engine, and when it stops working your car will shut off, as if it is out of gas. Learn how to remove a faulty fuel pump and you can avoid costly trips to the local mechanic.

Removing the Fuel Pump

Step 1

Remove the wire connected to the negative battery terminal. The negative wire will usually be black in color and the terminal often has a minus sign.

Continue to Step 2 if your engine's fuel injection type is throttle body injection. Usually, V4 Fiero engines are this type.

Skip to Step 3 if your engine is of the multi-fuel injection variety. Usually, V6 Fiero engines are this type.

Step 2

Pull the fuel pump fuse out of your fuseblock.

Start your car and run it until it shuts off. This will happen after the gas in the fuel line has been depleted. Attempt to restart it to make certain the fuel is gone. Check that the ignition is in the off position and reset the fuel pump fuse. Continue to Step 4.

Step 3

Locate the fuel rail on top of the engine. Attach your fuel pressure gauge to the fuel rail valve. Wrap a rag around the fitting while you attach the gauge. Set the bleed hose of your gauge in to a gasoline-safe container. Open the valve and allow the gas to bleed from the fuel line. After the fuel has bled out, remove the gauge and cycle the ignition several times, with 10 seconds in between each cycle. After cycling the ignition, check for any leaks.

Step 4

Lock the front tires of your vehicle in place with blocks. Initialize the emergency brake. Raise the rear of your car with a jack and place jack stands underneath.

Step 5

Disconnect the fuel pump wire connector from the main wire harness located in the front of the engine compartment. Crawl under your Fiero and disconnect the fuel feed, fuel return, canister vent, the filler hose, and the breather hoses. Remove the heat shield covering the catalytic converter. Support the fuel tank with either a jack stand or another person and remove the support bracket and support straps. Lower the fuel tank with the front end of it tipped down.

Step 6

The fuel pump is locked in to the fuel tank by a set of cams. Turn the inner ring clockwise using a brass punch and a hammer. After you have unlocked the fuel pump, carefully pull it out of the fuel tank.

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