How to Replace Fuel Lines on a Corolla

by Chris Moore

The fuel lines on your Toyota Corolla are made up of two main parts: the metal pipes and rubber hoses. Any piece of the lines that is leaking or damaged must be replaced. Hoses need to replace hoses and pipes must replace pipes, but the process of removing and installing either is very similar. Use factory replacement parts as they are designed to withstand the high pressures of the fuel system.

Step 1

Relieve the pressure from the fuel system. Open the cap for the gas tank, then remove the fuel pump relay from the fuse box under the hood. Start the engine and wait for it to stall. Disconnect the negative battery cable once the system is depressurized.

Step 2

Remove the fasteners that connect the fuel lines to the car body. For lines that are clamped on, detach the clamps holding the hose to the metal lines and pull the hose off the fitting; twisting the hose will help. For quick-connect fittings, press the retaining tabs with one hand while holding the connector with the other and separate the pipe and connector.

Step 3

Connect the new lines with new O-rings where needed. To connect quick-connect fittings, align the retainer's locking pawls with the connector grooves, push the connector onto the pipe until the pawls lock in place and reinstall the covers.

Step 4

Re-pressurize the fuel system once the lines are connected. With the gas cap closed and the battery reconnected, connect the fuel pump relay. Turn the ignition key to the on position for a couple of seconds, then switch it back of for about five seconds. Repeat this several times.

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