How to Replace Fuel Filters on Toyota Pickups

by Kevin Mclain

The fuel filter on the Toyota model pickups is designed to keep trash and debris out of the fuel system. The fuel filter has a cylindrical-shaped housing with elongated fibers inside of the housing. As the fuel passes through the fibers inside of the filter, any trash or debris from the gas will stick to the fibers. The fresh gas will then flow out of the fuel filter and travel to the engine. Toyota recommends replacing the fuel filter on the pickup models between 60,000 and 75,000 miles.

Park the Toyota pickup in a safe work area that has plenty of ventilation. Pull the emergency brake out to prevent the pickup from rolling.

Remove the fuel cap from the fuel neck of the gas tank. This will remove the gas pressure from the fuel filter.

Jack up the rear of the Toyota pickup and place a jack stand under the designated rear jacking points. Lower the jack slowly until the pickup is safely on top of the stands.

Slide under the rear driver side of the pickup near the rear driver-side wheel. Locate the fuel filter mounted to the driver-side frame rail near the fuel tank.

Slide the catch pan underneath the area of the fuel filter. Locate the fuel line clamps that secure the fuel lines to both sides of the fuel filter. Squeeze the fuel line clamps with the pliers and pull the clamps four to five inches back onto the fuel lines.

Pull the fuel lines straight off of the fuel filter with your hands. Pull the fuel filter out of the bracket and put it into the catch pan.

Slide the new filter into the bracket and reinstall the fuel lines to the fuel filter. Slide the clamps back over the ends of the fuel lines.

Pull the catch pan out from under the pickup and screw the fuel cap back onto the fill neck of the gas tank.

Turn the ignition key on for around 10 seconds and then turn the key back off. Do this three different times to prime the new fuel filter with fuel. Crank the motor and inspect the fuel lines around the fuel filter for any gas leaks. Shut the motor off.

Jack the Toyota pickup back up and remove the jack stands. Lower the jack until the pickup is completely on the ground. Pull the jack out from under the pickup.


  • check Make sure that the flow arrow on the side of the fuel filter is pointing toward the engine and away from the gas tank.


  • close Do not smoke around any type of fuel.
  • close Wear safety glasses when replacing the fuel filter.

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