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How to Replace the Front Signal Lights in a VW Beetle

by Contributor

When the turn signals on a VW Beetle begin to flash twice as fast as usual it means one of the turn signal bulbs is out. Replacing the front turn signal lights on a VW Beetle is easy if you have a screwdriver handy. Replacing the front turn signal light in a VW Beetle makes driving safer and can save you from getting a ticket. These instructions are not for the classic Beetle, but newer models.

Step 1

Ensure the cooling fan at the front of the VW Beetle has shut off and open the primary and secondary hood latches by pulling the hood release handle under the dash.

Step 2

Locate the orange square plastic piece directly behind the turn signal that needs replacing. Use a screwdriver to remove the orange cover.

Step 3

Remove the Phillips head screw found behind the orange cover and unclip the plastic turn signal lens. Twist the bulb counter-clockwise one-half turn and pull the used bulb out of the assembly.

Step 4

Cover the new 2357NA bulb with a tissue or paper towel, taking care not to touch the glass with fingers. Insert the connecting end into the assembly and turn it clockwise until secure.

Place the plastic lens cover in place and replace the screw that holds it. Snap the orange plastic cover back into the bumper and test the turn signal lights.


  • Always keep spare bulbs in the car for emergency replacements when traveling.
  • Consider upgrading to LED replacement lights that burn cooler, brighter and last longer than standard bulbs.

Items you will need

  • Standard 2357NA automotive light bulb
  • Screwdrivers

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