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How to Replace the Front Signal Lights in a Dodge Ram

by Contributor

Dodge Rams are big, powerful trucks that should be driven with safety in mind for everyone on the road around you. A seemingly inconsequential thing like a broken turn signal is easy to spot for a police officer to spot. Drive safely and avoid being pulled over by replacing your turn signal bulb on your own.

Step 1

Open the hood. The front turn signal bulbs are each located inside the headlamp assemblies in front of the engine on each side. Even though the light assembly is attached to the front outside of the truck, you have to open the hood to get to the assembly. Locate the two bolts that are along the inside of the lamp housing. Take them off with a socket wrench.

Step 2

Look down by the fender well where the front tire is. Toward the upper front of the fender well, there is a fist-sized access hole. Remove the plug covering the access hole and slip your fingers in there to take off the nut that holds the lamp housing on the truck.

Step 3

Go back around to the front and pull the headlight housing off, straight forward, away from the fender, so you have a little bit of space to disconnect the electrical connectors.

Step 4

Unlock and pull off all three of the electrical connectors (for the headlight, turn signal and parking light) straight out. Remember which connector goes where. You can now pull the headlamp assembly all the way off of the truck. Rotate the connector a quarter turn and remove the signal light bulb from the electrical connector.

Step 5

Push in the new turn signal light bulb. Use bulb number 1157 for Dodge Rams unless your owner's manual specifies otherwise for your particular year.

Replace all three of the electrical connectors and press the lamp housing back onto the truck. Go back to the fender well and replace the nut back on through the access hole. Put the plug back on and close the hood.


  • Never touch a new bulb with your hands. The oil from your fingers will shorten the life of the bulb. Clean the bulb off with rubbing alcohol if it does come in contact with anything oily.

Items you will need

  • 1157 signal light bulb
  • Screwdriver

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