How to Replace a Ford Ignition Switch

by Don Bowman

Before attempting to replace the ignition switch on a Ford, the air bag must be deactivated to prevent accidental discharge of the system. The ignition key tumbler and the ignition switch should never be removed at the same time or damage to the column may result. It is also important to specify to the parts retailer that the electrical aspect of the ignition switch is being replaced. Many times the parts store personnel will mistake the ignition key tumbler for the ignition switch.

Disconnect the negative cable on the battery with the 8-millimeter wrench and allow 15 minutes for the circuits to go to sleep before beginning. This will disable the SRS, or airbags.

Remove the lower cover on the steering column behind the steering wheel using the Phillips screwdriver to remove the three screws. Press the two tabs on the side of the ignition switch and pull it straight off.

Disconnect the ignition switch lower harness connector. This is just below the steering column or can be seen at the opposite end of the ignition harness.

Install the new ignition switch by locating the switch so the tabs line up and pushing it on the tumbler. Plug in the lower portion of the electrical pigtail or harness connector.

Reinstall the lower portion of the steering column cover. Reconnect the negative cable on the battery.

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