How to Replace a Ford Freeze Plug

by Dan Ferrell

The freeze plugs in your Ford engine model are a life saver, especially in geographic areas suffering from very low temperatures. The freeze plug can actually expand and pop out of the engine if the coolant inside the engine should freeze. This will prevent the casting from cracking, ruining the engine and save you from expensive repairs. However, you can replace worn out or damaged freeze plugs in your Ford engine using a few simple tools in your own garage.

Position the tip of a full-shank standard screwdriver on the center of the freeze plug you want to replace.

Hit the screwdriver with a hammer until the screwdriver's tip tears through the freeze plug.

Pry off the freeze plug from the engine block by moving the screwdriver sideways.

Remove build up on the plug hole on the engine block using sand paper and wipe the hole using a clean shop rag.

Apply a coat of non-hardening and oil-resistant sealant to the outer side of the new freeze plug and to the plug hole on the engine.

Drive the new plug into the plug hole using a socket that fits into the inside diameter of the new freeze plug, a ratchet extension and the hammer.

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