How to Replace Ford F150 Front Headlights

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The F150's headlights are user-replaceable, so a visit to a mechanic necessary when bulbs go out. With a simple tool a a few minutes of your time, you can replace the Ford F150's front headlights with ease. There is no difference between the two front headlights; therefore, the replacement procedure is the same between them. You may need to replace only one headlight or both.


Shut off your Ford F150's headlights, turn the engine off and open the hood. Locate the push pin on the inside part of the headlight. Locate the three bolts on top of the headlight.


Pull the push pin out. This loosens the plastic guard surrounded the headlight. Pull the guard off. This allows you to remove the headlight assembly.


Remove the three headlight bolts with the wrench. Place the bolts in a secure place for re-installation. Pull the headlight unit forward. This gives you access to the back.


Turn the bulb socket from right to left to remove it. Grasp the black base of the bulb and pull it away from the socket connection.


Plug the new bulb's base into the socket connection. Be careful not to touch the glass. Natural oils on your hand and fingers may damage the bulb.


Insert the new bulb back into the assembly and turn it from left to right to secure it. Push the headlight assembly into place. Slide the plastic guard back into place, and then re-insert the push pin.


Replace the three headlight bolts. Tighten them with the wrench. Throw the old headlight bulb away, and then repeat the procedure for the other side if needed.

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