How to Replace Ford Escort Headlights

by Jody L. Campbell

It's obviously important for the headlights in your Ford Escort to be working properly. Broken or dimming lights are a definite hazard to safety. In fact, conducting routine checkups on all the lights to make sure they're in working order is a good safety measure. If you want to replace the headlights yourself, you can save time and money by purchasing the bulbs and installing them yourself.

Step 1

Make sure the keys are not in the ignition and that the headlight switch is in the off position.

Step 2

Release the hood latch and open the hood to the Escort.

Step 3

Locate the back side of the headlight assembly to the headlight that needs to be changed (driver's side or passenger side) from the engine compartment.

Step 4

Locate the wire harness connected to the headlight bulb plug.

Step 5

Turn the back of the bulb housing counterclockwise one-third of a turn until the bulb and wire harness are released from the headlight assembly.

Step 6

Unplug the wire harness from the bulb socket.

Step 7

Open the package of the new headlight replacement and be careful not to touch the glass bulb part. Handle it by the socket housing at the bottom of the headlight.

Step 8

Plug the wire harness into the new headlight replacement.

Step 9

Align the tabs on the headlight housing to the slots in the headlight assembly and insert the bulb into the assembly. Twist the headlight one-third of a turn clockwise until it locks into place.

Step 10

Test the bulb by turning on the lights and then turn them back off. Discard the old bulb and close the hood.

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