How to Replace a Fog Light on a Pontiac Vibe

by Dave Baker NYC

Over time one or both of the fog lights on your Pontiac Vibe will burn out and require replacement. Unfortunately, Pontiac doesn't mention fog lamps in the owner's manual, so you may be left scratching your head and wondering, "How do I replace this thing?" Relax. This is a simple job. The average backyard mechanic can replace a fog light on a Pontiac Vibe in 15 minutes. The only requirement is that your arm must be somewhat flexible because you'll need to reach around several components to get to the bulb.


Lay a towel on the ground below the front bumper area of the fog light that requires replacement. This will protect your knees.


Kneel or crawl down and reach under the bumper to find the back of the fog light assembly. You must reach over the plastic splash guards.


Use a flashlight to help you find the fog light socket, and grasp the socket in your hands.


Turn the socket 1/4 turn counterclockwise to detach it from the connector and remove it from the fog light assembly.


Separate the bulb from the socket by releasing the clip with your thumb and pulling the bulb and socket apart by hand.


Insert the new fog light bulb into the socket; push until it clicks into place.


Return the socket to the fog light assembly by attaching it into the connector and turning the socket clockwise by hand 1/4 turn.


Test the new fog light for correct operation by turning it on at the switch inside the car.


  • check Some Pontiac Vibes did not come equipped with fog lights.
  • check Pontiac has discontinued the Vibe line but you should be able to find replacement bulbs at auto parts stores or online.


  • close Follow the instructions on the bulb package for your safety.
  • close Do not let the new bulb touch your skin. Touch a halogen fog lamp only at the base.

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