How to Replace a Fuel Filter for a Lincoln Town Car

by Allen Moore

While the Lincoln Town Car is loaded with luxury, it can't run properly without a clean fuel filter. The filter removes impurities from the gasoline before they can harm the fuel injection system. Ford Motor Company recommends you replace your Lincoln's fuel filter every 15,000 miles for continued optimal performance. Once the filter traps as much as it can, it either plugs or starts passing debris into your fuel injectors. Anyone with basic auto-repair skills and about 20 minutes of free time can replace this filter.

Step 1

Drive the Lincoln Town Car's front wheels onto the ramps. Shift the Lincoln into park and set the parking brake. Shove the wheel chocks against the front and back of the Town Car's right-rear wheel.

Step 2

Crawl under the Town Car with your drain pan, fuel line disconnect tool and the new fuel filter. Trace the fuel lines forward from the gas tank to spot the fuel filter. Slide the drain pan directly below the filter.

Step 3

Unhook the fuel lines from the fuel filter with the fuel line disconnect tool. Pull the Town Car's used filter out of the retainer and set it in the drain pan.

Step 4

Slide the Town Car's new filter into the retainer with the flow arrow aimed toward the engine. Slip the fuel lines onto the new filter by hand until they click into place.

Step 5

Climb out from under the Town Car with the drain pan, used filter and fuel line tool.

Step 6

Turn the Town Car's key to the run position. Count to 10 and shut it off. Turn it to the run position once more, count to 10 and start the Town Car engine.

Step 7

Move the wheel chocks away from the Town Car's right-rear wheel. Drive the Town car off the ramps.

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