How to Replace the Fender on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

by Christian Killian
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If your Jeep Grand Cherokee front fender is damaged or rusting, you can replace it with basic tools and a little time. The front fender is attached in several places to the sheet metal on the nose of the Jeep with screws and bolts that are easily removed. A replacement fender can be purchased new from the Jeep dealer or at some auto parts stores. You can get a used fender at many salvage yards as well. The fender will need to be painted at some point unless you get lucky and find one that matches the color of your Jeep.

Step 1

Remove the fender liner from the wheel well of the Jeep. It is held in with several plastic rivets. Use a thin flat screwdriver to pry them loose and slide the entire liner out and set it aside.

Step 2

Pull the corner of the front bumper fascia back and locate the two fender mounting bolts under it. Remove the bolts with a socket and ratchet.

Step 3

Locate the two fender mounting bolts at the base of the fender just behind the fender well opening. Remove both bolts with a socket and ratchet. There are also two bolts located inside the fender just above these two bolts. Reach into the fender from the fender well and remove both of these bolts as well. You may need an extension on your socket and ratchet to reach the bolts.

Step 4

Open the hood and remove the three fender mounting screws along the top edge of the fender. Remove the fender from the Jeep by pulling it out away from the body. Position a new fender in its spot and install the three mounting bolts along the top edge. Tighten the bolts with a socket and ratchet.

Step 5

Install the two bolts behind the fender, the two lower mounting bolts near the door at the base of the fender and the two under the fascia. Tighten all the bolts with a socket and ratchet after aligning the door.

Step 6

Reinstall the fender liner and secure it with the plastic rivets. They just push into the hole in the fender liner and then the hole in the fender behind the liner.

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