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How to Replace the Fan in a Chrysler Sebring

by Contributor

Your Chrysler Sebring has two electrically driven fans in one housing, which is fastened to the radiator. A novice should be able to replace the engine cooling fan in a Chrysler Sebring in less than an hour, using nothing more than a wrench and a clean rag.

Step 1

Disconnect the negative battery cable in your Chrysler Sebring. Isolate the cable with some non-conductive material, such as a clear dry rag or work glove, to ensure it will not slip back into contact with the battery lead.

Step 2

Remove the upper radiator crossmember support and set it aside.

Step 3

Unplug the engine cooling fan's electrical connector from the wiring harness.

Step 4

Loosen and remove the fasteners and upper clip attaching the fan shroud to the radiator, then lift the entire old shroud and fan assembly out of the engine compartment and set it aside.

Step 5

Place the new fan assembly in the engine compartment and replace the retaining clip. Replace the fan assembly fastening bolts to hold it to the radiator and tighten them to 45 inch pounds (5 Nm) of torque.

Step 6

Plug the engine cooling fan's electrical connector back into the wiring harness and reinstall the upper radiator crossmember support.

Ensure there are no loose parts or tools in your vehicle's engine compartment, then reconnect the battery.


  • Never attempt to repair or reuse a damaged fan blade; it might fly apart, leading to personal injury or vehicle damage.

Items you will need

  • Wrench
  • Clean rag

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