How to Replace the Door Glass on a Camaro

by Casey Holley

Replacing the door glass on a Camaro is necessary if the glass is chipped or broken. You can expect this project to take the better part of a day. When you replace the door glass, it is a good idea to prop the door open using a cinder block or large brick. This eliminates having to struggle with keeping the door open while dealing with the glass and other parts of the door.

Remove the window crank using a horseshoe-clip removing tool. Place the tool between the crank and the door. Toggle it until the clip comes out. Slide the crank off its shaft.

Unscrew the armrest and the door lock knob. On some models, there may be other screws inside the door pulls. Disengage the circlip from the door latch pull rod. Remove these items.

Take off the small metal clips from the edges of the trim panel using a tack puller. Use this tool to remove the "Christmas tree" plastic clips without damaging the hardboard backing on the trim panel. Lift the door trim panel straight up. It should come out easily. Check the condition of the inboard door felt and the tar-paper water seal, and replace them if needed.

Remove the outer window felt using an offset screwdriver. Take out the plastic rivets, if any, using needle-nose pliers.

Unbolt the two stabilizers atop the door. You also have to remove the lower and upper stops to get the glass out. To remove the front upper stop and rear upper stop, crank the window to three-quarters of the way down. To remove the stop bolts that are in slotted channels, remove the front and rear lower sash channel nuts.

Back out the adjustment of the front and rear upper guide bolts that control the in-out tilt adjustment, and carefully lift the old glass out.

Put in the new glass. Swap the hardware that is in the old glass to the new one using common hex bolts. To transfer the forward bell crank assembly that is retained in the old glass with special two-hole nuts to the new glass, a homemade two-pronged tool or Snap-on S9610 is needed.

Loosen the star-shaped plastic guide that helped the old glass from rubbing in the track and snap it on to the new glass. This can be done using only your hands. Wiggle it back and forth and lower the new glass into position.

Bolt the front and rear sash channel nuts to the glass and reinstall all the other mechanisms in the door.

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