How to Replace the Crank Sensor on a Dodge Truck

by Richard Rowe

A vehicle's crankshaft sensor sends a signal to the computer to tell it where the engine is in its revolution cycle. The sensor works by picking up the pulses in the magnetic field caused by the wheel that rotates just below it. This wheel has "teeth" or "windows" in its perimeter, making it resemble a gear, though the windows' function is strictly electrical. Replacing the crankshaft sensor on your Dodge truck won't be too challenging, as all engine sensors are removed essentially the same way---only the location and necessity of removing the starter varies.

How to Replace a Dodge Truck Crankshaft Position Sensor

Step 1

Disconnect the negative side of your truck's battery.

Step 2

Find the crank position sensor. Dodge V6 engines use the same mounting points and procedures as the Magnum series V8. On Magnum engines, the sensor will be in the rear, behind the starter (requires starter removal). Hemi sensors are on the right side of the engine block. On 5.9L diesel engines, you'll find the sensor on the bottom front of the engine, near the harmonic balancer. And finally, for V-10 engines, check the right rear of the engine block.

Step 3

Remove the black plastic electrical connector by prying the tabs away with a screwdriver. Be very careful here. The plastic tabs on older vehicles can harden with time, making them prone to snapping off.

Step 4

Remove the starter if necessary. You won't need to remove the wire from the starter, provided it will move sufficiently to access the sensor.

Step 5

Pull out the bolt (or bolts) that hold the sensor in.

Step 6

Work the sensor gently out of the hole, being careful not to damage the sensitive electronics.

Step 7

Reverse these steps to install the new sensor. Make sure to keep the sensor clean and free of grease when you're replacing it. Also, the sensor should be flush with the block; otherwise you can damage the mounting tang.

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