How to Replace a Chevy Uplander Battery

by Allen Douglas
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The Chevy Uplander minivan has a reasonably open engine compartment allowing good access to replace the battery when necessary. The front of the Uplander was designed to look like a truck, which provides extra work space under the hood when repairs are needed. The minimum battery requirement for the Uplander is 660 cold-cranking amps, although higher amp batteries also fit.

Step 1

Pull the hood release latch. It is located at the bottom left foot panel in the driver's seating area. Walk around to the front of the van. Release the hood by pushing the release lever to the right. The hood release lever is located under the front of the hood in the center. Lift the hood and set the hood prop rod in place.

Step 2

Place the gloves and safety glasses on. Vehicle batteries contain lead acid which is harmful to eyes and skin. Wear these items to avoid injury.

Step 3

Use a 9/16" socket wrench to remove the bolts holding the corner cross-frame bar located above the battery. There are two bolts on the front of the bar and one bolt on the back of the bar behind the fuse panel box. Slide the cross-frame bar out from under the fuse panel box removing it from the engine compartment. Use caution when removing the bar to avoid damaging the fuse panel box including the wires under the box. Set the bar aside for later use.

Step 4

Use a large flat-head screwdriver to pry apart the metal battery terminal connector on the negative (black) wire. Pry it open enough to allow removal of the connector. Pull up on the wire connector terminal, removing it from the negative battery terminal post. Tuck the negative battery connection wires behind the battery to keep them from touching the negative terminal on top of the battery.

Step 5

Open the plastic shielding around the positive battery connection by squeezing the two tabs on the shield and pulling the shielding upward.

Step 6

Remove the tightening bolt on the positive battery cable using a 7/16" wrench. Use a large flat-head screwdriver to pry apart the metal battery terminal connector on the positive (red) wire. Pry open the connector enough allowing removal. Pull up on the wire connector terminal, removing it from the positive battery terminal post. Tuck the positive battery cable behind the battery.

Step 7

Using a 1/2" socket wrench, remove the battery-holding wedge. The wedge is located at the bottom of the battery on the back side. Once the bolt is removed, the wedge is removable. Take out the wedge and the bolt and set them aside for later.

Step 8

Remove the battery from the engine compartment. Angle the right side of the battery upwards slightly, if needed.

Step 9

Dispose of the battery properly. The battery is a lead-acid battery and is considered potentially hazardous. Most stores that sell vehicle batteries are equipped to dispose of the lead-acid batteries properly. In most cases, the batteries materials are recycled.

Step 10

Using the steel wire battery terminal cleaning tool, carefully remove any dirt or acid build-up on the inside of the metal battery wire openings.

Step 11

Lift the new vehicle battery into place on the battery tray with the terminal posts positioned towards the back. Keep the battery cables tucked behind the battery to avoid connection with the terminals.

Step 12

Position the battery holding wedge with the long side against the battery, positioned at the groove in the bottom of the battery. Insert the 1/2" bolt and tighten.

Step 13

Attach the positive terminal cable to the positive terminal post on the battery. Tighten the 7/16" bolt, securing the cable firmly. Flip down the plastic shield on the cable terminal until the two plastic tabs click into place.

Step 14

Place the opening of the negative battery wire connector on top of the negative battery terminal post and press down until fully seated against the top of the battery. Use pliers to carefully squeeze together the metal wire connector, if the cable is loose.

Step 15

Slide the cross-frame bar back in place above the battery. Use caution when sliding the bar under the fuse panel box. Insert the three bolts to secure the bar and tighten using the 9/16" socket wrench.

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