How to Replace a Car Window

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Car window replacement can be costly. Not only do you pay for the window, but also for the time of a professional glass company to install it. With some basic hand tools, a replacement window and a little time, you can replace the window yourself.

Shop around for the best price on a car window. First, write down the make, model and year of your vehicle to make sure you are getting the right size window, Refer to the eHow article "How to Buy Replacement Car Windows" for tips on doing this.

Clean up the area where you will be working. This includes the glass that may be present. Remove the door panel according to the directions in your vehicle's repair manual. Carefully peel back the weather barrier. Wear gloves when removing the glass. Make sure all glass is removed from the door panel, car and any other area before proceeding.

Wash the replacement glass. This removes particles or other debris to prevent it from getting into the seals and functioning parts of the door panel interior. Position the glass into the slot where it needs to go, consulting the owner's manual for exact placement instructions. If you have a vent window next to the piece you are replacing, there will be two bolts to remove before moving the metal bracing of the wing window.

Place the bracket back and align the clips that are attached to the glass. Then check to make sure the window operates properly; if so, tighten down the bracket bolts. Next, replace the weatherstripping and barrier sheet. Re-install the door panel, making sure to align the window crank, if necessary.

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