How to Replace a Cadillac Key

by Zyon Silket

If you lost your ignition key and do not have a replacement backup key, you have two options: contact a locksmith or the local Cadillac dealership. Having a locksmith replace the lock cylinder in your ignition and doors may cost you several hundred dollars. Contacting the dealership will cost much less as General Motors can identify the key needed and help you replace it right at the dealership.

Step 1

Compare the Vehicle Identification Number on your vehicle registration with the VIN on the dash panel in the left corner of the dash. See the VIN by looking at the dash through the windshield. This confirms you have the correct VIN on your registration and ensures the dealership makes you the correct key.

Step 2

Contact your local GM or Cadillac dealership and find out if they offer automotive repair services, including key cutting. If they do not, keep calling around until you locate one in the area that offers the service. Most new-car dealerships offer this service.

Step 3

Take your vehicle registration and a photo ID to the dealership. They need to obtain the VIN from the registration and need to know you are the owner of the vehicle. In some cases, the dealership may require the Cadillac be towed to the business.

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