How to Replace Cab Mounts on a Chevy Pickup

by Russell Wood
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As vehicles get older, parts start to break down, and things don't fit as well as they once did. Rubber products are particularly prone to corrosion. The cab mounts on a Chevrolet pickup are made from rubber, and when they start to go, the cab will lean one way or another, causing body panels to fit weirdly and things to go wrong. That's not a good thing, and replacing the mounts is the solution. This is easy to do, but can be challenging in other ways. It should take about two hours to do.

Step 1

Crawl underneath the vehicle and unbolt the cab mounts on one side, using the 1/2-inch ratchet and socket.

Step 2

Place the wood block onto the pad of the jack and lift up the side of the cab, using the jack. Lift the cab just enough to relieve pressure from the cab mounts. If you lift it too high, you risk damaging body panels.

Step 3

Pull out the factory cab mounts and slide in the replacement mounts. While the cab is still in the air, thread the factory bolts back into the cab through the mount by hand.

Step 4

Lower the jack and tighten down the cab mounts using the 1/2-inch ratchet and socket. Repeat the process for the other side.

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