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How to Replace Brakes on a 1999 Ford F-250

by Zyon Silket

Ford installed front disc and rear drum brakes on the 1999 Ford F-250 pickup truck. The process for replacing the brakes on the front of the Ford F-250 differs greatly than the process for changing the brakes on the rear of the Ford F-250. In general, you will replace the front brake pads twice for every front brake rotor you change and you will change every front brake rotor twice before you change the brake shoes on the back of your Ford F-250.

Replace the F-250's Front Brakes

Step 1

Lift the front of your Ford F-250 off of the ground using a jack and jack stands. Remove the wheels from the Ford with a lug nut wrench to prepare the truck for servicing.

Step 2

Open the hood on the engine compartment and take the lid off of the master cylinder that bolts to the brake assister on the driver's side firewall.

Step 3

Remove the hex-head bolts on the back of the brake caliper with a socket. With the bolts removed, pull the caliper off of the Ford's brake rotor.

Step 4

Pull the old brake pads out of the caliper and discard them. Squeeze the brake piston back into the backside brake caliper with pliers, and then insert the new pads into the brake caliper.

Step 5

Pull the rotor cap cover off the middle of the rotor with a screwdriver and use a socket to remove the nut located behind the cover.

Step 6

Pull the rotor off of the wheel spindle.

Step 7

Remove the old wheel bearings from the brake rotor and insert them into the new rotor. If the old wheel bearings are worn, replace them with new bearings.

Step 8

Slide the new rotor onto the wheel spindle and secure it using a bolt and socket. After you tighten the bolt, press the cover back onto the rotor.

Step 9

Place the caliper on the rotor and secure it with a socket and hex-head bolts.

Step 10

Duplicate the process on the passenger side of the F-250.

Close the master cylinder after putting the wheels back on the Ford and lowering it to the ground. Press on the brake pedal to seat the pads against the rotor.

Replace the F-250's Rear Brakes

Step 1

Lift the rear of the Ford F-250 off the ground with a jack and jack stands. Remove the wheels from the Ford with a lug nut wrench.

Step 2

Place a strip of paint on the back of the brake drum and rear brake drum cover so you can position the brake drum correctly when you put it back on. If you plan to install new brake drums on your Ford F-250, skip this step.

Step 3

Place the brake drum puller on the brake drum and pull the drum from the wheel hub. The method for attaching the brake drum puller depends on the brake drum puller that you use.

Step 4

Remove the springs that attach the brake shoes to the wheel hub by pulling them off with pliers.

Step 5

Lift the old brake shoes off of the wheel hub and place the new brake shoes on the wheel hub. Secure the new shoes with the springs.

Step 6

Pound the brake drum onto the axle hub with a rubber mallet.

Step 7

Duplicate the process on the passenger side of the Ford.

Put the wheels back on the F-250, lower it to the ground and, then press on the brake pedal to seat the shoes against the brake drum.

Items you will need

  • Tire iron
  • Jack
  • Jack stand
  • Rubber mallet
  • Lug nut wrench
  • Socket wrench
  • Screwdriver

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