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How to Replace a Brake Line in a Plymouth Neon

by Contributor

Although the Dodge/Plymouth Neon is no longer in production, there are still quite a few on the road. This is a good sign for owners who need to replace parts like brake lines, as replacement parts for the Neon are still readily available.

Step 1

Top off the brake fluid level and tighten the reservoir cap to help prevent excess fluid loss during the brake line replacement. The Neon's brake fluid reservoir is located behind the battery on the driver's side.

Step 2

Support the car securely on jack stands and remove the first wheel. Locate the brake line section you'll remove, which is directly connected to the brake hose.

Step 3

Study the section of brake line and take note of how it is bent. Bend the replacement line the same way. Bend the replacement line more or possibly cut it if it is longer.

Step 4

Disconnect the bolts at each end of the line to remove it. Use two line wrenches since there should be two bolts on each connector. Remove the end on the brake hose first.

Step 5

Install the new line. Connect it in reverse order, meaning you attach the brake hose end last. Thread the bolts by hand, and then tighten with the line wrenches.

Step 6

Bleed the brake system to remove air. Open the bleeder valve on the brake caliper, attach a vinyl tube to it and place the other end in a container of brake fluid. Have another person depress the brake pedal to purge the air.

Attach the wheel and repeat the process for the other brake lines. Top of the brake fluid level and test the brakes after everything is complete.


  • You can also plug the brake line holes with pieces of nonabsorbent material to minimize excess fluid loss during the line replacement.

Items you will need

  • Replacement brake line
  • DOT 3 brake fluid
  • Jack and jack stands
  • Tire iron
  • Line wrenches
  • Vinyl tube
  • Container

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