How to Replace a Brake Line in a Dodge Ram

by Editorial Team

The Dodge Ram is a tough truck. But if you want to make it tougher, consider improving major parts like the brake lines. Stainless steel lines will last even longer than the manufacturer's stock lines. G-Stop brake lines are highly recommended for use on your Dodge Ram.

Step 1

Raise the truck securely on jack stands. A Dodge Ram truck may already be high enough to reach the brake line by itself. But, you should still remove the wheel to reach the brake calipers later.

Step 2

Disconnect the brake line by removing the connecting bolts. Use two line wrenches to remove the two bolts on each connector. Remove the end at the brake caliper hose first to avoid stretching it.

Step 3

Plug the holes in the brake line, especially near the master cylinder, to prevent losing excess fluid. Use rubber or any clean material that won't absorb the fluid.

Step 4

Install the new brake line, starting at the end with the master cylinder. If any washers were used with the old bolts, use new ones with the new line.

Step 5

Bleed the brake system. Connect a vinyl tube to the caliper's bleeder valve and place the tube in a container of brake fluid. Have another person press on the brake pedal to remove the air. Top off the master cylinder with fluid afterward.

Step 6

Connect the tire and lower the truck. Repeat this process for the line running to the other three wheels, and then test the brake after everything is done.

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