How to Replace a Brake Line in a Chrysler Town & Country

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The brake lines on your Chrysler Town & Country van are important, and while it's rare that the stock lines could rupture, replacing them with ones made of stainless steel can greatly help preserve the vehicle. Check with an auto parts expert to make sure you get the correct replacement line.

Raise the vehicle, making sure you use a jack stand that supports a van like the Chrysler Town & Country. Remove the wheels for access to the brake line and the brake calipers.

Locate the brake master cylinder underneath the hood. It should be in a corner and look like a metal cylinder with a plastic reservoir tank on top. Trace the brake lines that run from it and to each wheel.

Study the brake line. It's likely divided into sections with multiple connectors. It will also be bent in ways that a replacement line should also be bent.

Remove the brake line by disconnecting the two bolts on each connector with two line wrenches. Support the brake hose on the caliper with strong wire to avoid damaging it.

Install the new brake line, twisting the bolts in place by hand first and then tightening them with the line wrenches. Connect it on the master cylinder's side first to prevent damaging the hose.

Refill the brake master cylinder as needed. Bleed the system by removing air through the bleeder valves on the caliper. Connect the valve to a container of fluid through a vinyl tube and have someone else press the pedal.


  • check You must cut the replacement line if it doesn't fit the section you are replacing. Then, flare the ends to fit the connectors.

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