How to Replace Brake Lights on a Saturn

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Replacing burned out brake lights on a Saturn vehicle is a quick and easy process. Here's how to do it in under 5 minutes with a single tool.

Determine which lights are burned out by asking a friend to hit the brakes while you stand behind the car.

Purchase the bulbs from an auto parts store or a large home and garden chain store. If you don't know what type of bulb to get, bring the burned out light bulb inside the store with you (see steps below to remove).

Open the trunk of the vehicle. You'll notice two Torx screws on the side of each tail light assembly. Use your A-T15 Torx screwdriver to un-screw the assembly on the side with the burned out bulb.

Slide the tail light assembly out toward the rear of the vehicle. Disconnect the proper connector for the brake light and pull out the spent bulb.

Insert the new bulb.

Slide the tail light assembly back into the car and replace the Torx screws.

Replace the bulb on the other side with the other new bulb in the pack you purchased, since it will probably burn out soon as well.

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