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How to Replace Ball Joints in an Acura Integra

by Contributor

If the ball joints need replacement in your Acura Integra, they could be causing problems with your steering and wheel alignment. Whether you pay for an auto repair professional to replace your ball joints or you do it yourself, there are several steps involved to complete the job economically and correctly.

Prepare to Replace Ball Joints

Step 1

Buy a name-brand ball joint replacement kit. Since Honda no longer makes the Integra, contact a distributor that sells parts for your make and model, such as Acura Automotive Parts.

Step 2

Park your car on flat concrete and block your back tires with something heavy.

Step 3

Unlock you steering wheel for easy access.

Step 4

Jack up your car and support it on safety stands.

Step 5

Loosen the lug nuts slightly.

Step 6

Remove the two front tires.

Lift and secure the front end of the car.

Disassemble the Lower Ball Joint Component

Step 1

Keep a diagram of your front suspension system close while you perform the repair.

Step 2

Remove the following parts, front wheels, axle nut, brake caliper, brake rotor, wheel sensor wire bracket, steering knuckle and boot by prying off the snapring.

Disconnect the following components from the steering knuckle, brake hose, wheel sensor, tie rod and lower ball joint.

Install the Lower Ball Joint

Step 1

Position the ball joint as specified in your kit instructions and firmly press it into the steering knuckle.

Install or connect the following components in this order, lower ball joint and torque the nut to 40 ft. lbs. (54 Nm), tie rod and torque the nut to 32 foot pounds (43 Nm), upper ball joint and torque the nut to 32 foot pounds (43 Nm), wheel sensor and torque the bolts to 84 inch pounds (9.5 Nm), brake rotor and torque the bolts to 84 inch pounds (9.5 Nm), brake caliper and torque the bolts to 80 foot pounds (108 Nm), brake hose and torque the bolts to 84 inch pounds (9.5 Nm), new axle nut and torque it to 134 foot pounds (181 Nm), front wheels, steering knuckle to the vehicle and finally the ball joint boot and snapring.


  • Have someone around to observe or assist you, if needed.


  • Do not substitute any of the hardware without the advice of a certified professional.

Items you will need

  • Name-brand ball joint replacement kit
  • Safety stands
  • Screwdriver set
  • Automatic drill
  • Bricks or heavy object to block your car from rolling

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