How to Replace Azera Cabin Filters

by David Clair

The Hyundai Azera is equipped with a built-in cabin filter that is designed to keep the air inside the vehicle clean. The filter traps dust, pollen and other allergens as they enter the ventilation system through the outside air intake. Under normal driving conditions, the filter should be replaced once a year or every 10,000 miles. Under extreme conditions, such as places with dusty conditions or heavy air pollution, the filter should be checked more often to see if it needs to be replaced. A clean cabin filter allows the air to flow more easily through the air conditioning system.

Open the glove box and remove the contents.

Slide the stop bar off of the tab on the right side of the glove box.

Push the sides of the glove box toward each other to disconnect the glove box from the dash.

Move the glove box down toward the floor of the Azera.

Squeeze the tabs on each side of the filter housing cover toward the middle of the housing to unhook it.

Pull the filter housing straight out toward the rear of the vehicle to remove it.

Grasp the filter and pull it out of the filter housing tray.

Insert the new filter into the filter housing tray.

Slide the housing tray into the filter compartment. Press on the front cover of the housing until it snaps back into place.

Lift the glove box up to a normal open position. Hook the stop bar back onto the tab on the right side.


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