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How to Replace an air Filter in a Ford Taurus

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Clean air filters allow for better gas mileage and longer engine life. Changing a filter in a Ford Taurus is a quick and easy maintenance task which should be done every 3,000 miles when the vehicle is driven in extremely dirty conditions, or every 30,000 miles for typical use. Check online or at your local auto part store for the right filter for your model year.

Step 1

Turn off the car engine and prop open the hood. Keep the car off while working on the filter, as it acts as a barrier in the event that the car backfires.

Step 2

Locate the air filter housing compartment on the driver's side of the car, near the middle of the side frame. Look for a black box that is tilted toward the center of the car and has a tube leading to the engine.

Step 3

Open the lid on the Ford Taurus air filter housing by loosening the clips that hold the lid in place. Lift the lid off of the housing.

Step 4

Take the old filter out of the case. Look at the filter to see if it is grimy, if you cannot see the original color of the filter it needs to be replaced. Discard any debris in the box.

Step 5

Replace the new filter with a K&N 33-2150 for a 2007 Ford Taurus 3.0L V6. Find exact part numbers for your model and year at K&N or at your local auto supply store.

Put the lid back on the air filter housing box. Secure the lid in place by refastening the clips or screws.

Items you will need

  • New air filter

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