How to Replace an Acura Tl Fog Light

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Most Acura TL models come standard with fog lights, which is to be expected of a vehicle in its class. Most fog lights are accessible from underneath the front part of the engine compartment. The front-end design of the Acura TL allows you to access the fog lights from within the engine compartment, instead of having to get on the ground. Replacing the fog-light bulbs is the same in all 2005 to 2008 Acura TLs.


Let your engine cool for about 20 minutes. You'll have to insert your hands far into the engine compartment. Letting it cool prevents serious injury or burns.


Remove the front (close to the bumper) engine compartment cover. There are four pins along the cover; pull them up with a pair of pliers or pry them up with a flat-head screwdriver. Lift the cover straight up to remove it.


Remove the corner-engine cover, if you are replacing a fog light on the driver's side. This cover is over your air intake. Pull the two fasteners from the cover with a pair of pliers. Pull the cover straight back to remove it. Lift the upper part of the air intake straight up to better access the fog light.


Reach into the compartment to access the fog-light bulb. Use a flashlight to help you find the bulb socket, if necessary. Push down the tab on the socket connection. Pull the connection down to unhook it. Grasp the back of the socket and twist it counterclockwise (about one-quarter of a turn) to remove the old bulb socket.


Attach the socket connection to the new fog light. Position the new fog light socket into its mount. Turn it clockwise until it locks.


Turn on the fog light to make sure it works before you replace the air intake and the covers.


Lower the air intake back into place, if you replaced the driver side fog light. Then re-attach the corner cover. Push down the two fasteners to secure it.


Replace the front-engine cover. Push down the four fasteners to secure it.

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