How to Replace an ABS Wheel Sensor in a Dodge Durango

by Editorial Team

The Dodge Durango has an anti-lock braking system (ABS) with sensors on each wheel that continuously monitor that wheel's speed. The ABS wheel sensor transmits this information to the ABS controller, which determines the amount of braking force to apply to that wheel during an emergency stop. The most common reason for replacing the ABS wheel sensor is metallic debris such as brake dust clogging the sensor.

Step 1

Determine which ABS wheel sensor your Dodge Durango will need. You'll want to be sure the new wheel sensor is compatible with your make and model of Durango. All versions of the Durango have an ABS.

Step 2

Raise the vehicle and disconnect the wheel speed sensor wiring harness.

Step 3

Remove the wheel speed sensor from vehicles without traction control. Disconnect the brake line mounting nut with a socket wrench so you can remove the brake line from the wheel speed sensor mounting stud. Detach the mounting stud from the sensor and shield. Separate the wheel speed sensor and shield from the differential housing.

Step 4

Disconnect the wheel speed sensor from vehicles with traction control. Remove the mounting stud from the wheel speed sensor with a socket wrench. Remove the sensor from the brake caliper adapter.

Step 5

Install the new wheel speed sensor by reversing the removal procedure. Inspect the O-ring on the sensor and replace it if worn. Tighten the wheel speed sensor mounting stud to 200 in. lbs. with a torque wrench. Ensure the seal between the sensor and the wiring connector is securely in place.

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