How to Replace an ABS Wheel Sensor in a Honda CR-V

by Editorial Team

The Honda CR-V has an anti-lock braking system (ABS) wheel sensor on each wheel that provides the wheel speed to the ABS controller. The ABS controller uses that information to determine the amount of braking force to apply to that wheel. You may need to replace the ABS wheel sensor if it becomes clogged with debris, especially metallic brake dust.

Step 1

Determine which ABS wheel sensor your Honda CR-V will need. You'll want to be sure the new wheel sensor is compatible with your make and model of CR-V. ABS was first featured on the EX trim level of the 1997 model and was standard on all versions of the CR-V by 2005.

Step 2

Raise the vehicle and remove the harness connector for the wheel speed sensor. Make a note of the routing for the wiring harness and remove any clips, grommets and retainers needed to free the cable beginning from the connector end.

Step 3

Disconnect the mounting bolts for the wheel speed sensor with a socket wrench and remove the sensor. If it's stuck in place, you may need to use a hammer and small punch to loosen it by gently tapping the side of the mounting flange. Don't hit the sensor directly.

Step 4

Install the new wheel speed sensor and fasten the mounting bolts loosely. Position the wiring harness into its original position as noted earlier and avoid twisting or crimping it. Tighten the sensor mounting bolts to 7.2 ft. lbs. with a torque wrench.

Step 5

Complete the installation by reversing the remaining removal steps.

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