How to Replace a Pontiac Montana Speed Sensor

by Tara Kimball
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The vehicle speed sensor on your Pontiac Montana van transmits electrical pulses that convert to a speed recording for your speedometer, cruise control and anti-lock brake system. If the vehicle speed sensor fails on your Montana, your speedometer may be inaccurate and your cruise control and ABS may fail. It is important to replace a speed sensor immediately if you begin to notice a problem. Buy a new sensor from a Pontiac dealership or auto parts store.

Step 1

Use a lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts on the passenger side tire. Do not remove them yet. Raise the front of the van with a jack and secure it on a set of jack stands. Remove the lug nuts and the passenger side tire on the front of the van.

Step 2

Locate the vehicle speed sensor. You will find the Pontiac Montana's vehicle speed sensor attached to the rear of the transmission, just above the transaxle, where both axle shafts connect from the wheel hubs. Pull the electrical connection free from the sensor.

Step 3

Remove the mounting bolt from the sensor body using a socket and ratchet. Support the sensor body when you remove the bolt so it does not fall.

Step 4

Pull the vehicle speed sensor free from the mounting case. Make sure the o-ring comes off with the sensor. If not, pull the o-ring out of the mounting case.

Step 5

Attach a new o-ring to the new speed sensor. The o-ring should be included with the new sensor when you purchase it.

Step 6

Insert the vehicle speed sensor into the mounting case and secure it with the retaining bolt using a socket and ratchet. Use a torque wrench to torque the retaining bolt to 106 inch-pounds, as recommended by Pontiac.

Step 7

Mount the right front tire and replace the lug nuts until they are hand-tight. Raise the front of the van with a jack and remove the jack stands. Lower the van to the ground and tighten the lug nuts securely.

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