How to Replace the Factory Antenna in a 2004 Chevy Silverado Pickup

by Chris Moore

If you don't feel like the factory antenna on your Chevy Silverado is giving you the quality you want, you can replace it with an aftermarket model. Replacing the full antenna means more than just the mast itself on the outside of the car; you need to replace the wiring within the truck. On the 2004 Silverado, this wire is stored in the right-hand side of the instrument panel, making the removal of the trim panels the most difficult part of the job.


Unscrew and remove the antenna mast using a very small, open-ended wrench. Surround the antenna base with masking tape to prevent the paint from getting scratched should the wrench slip.


Open the glove box door and squeeze the bin's sides together so the box swings down below the stops, then unscrew and remove the lower trim panel. Pry out the air ducts with a trim stick, then unscrew and remove the upper trim pad.


Disconnect the antenna cable from the radio's cable; these two join together at a connector near the far right corner of the instrument panel. Tie a fish wire to the cable's end, remove the three mounting screws for the antenna base with your wrench and remove the mast.


Tie the fish wire to the end of the new antenna cable while the wire is still in the hole in the truck body. Pull the wire slowly into the truck with the antenna cable following it, and route the cable over the instrument panel in the same manner as the old one.


Fasten the antenna base onto the truck body with its mounting bolts, using the wrench.


Re-install the upper trim pad on the instrument panel, followed by the air ducts, the lower trim panel and the glove box.


Attach the antenna mast to the base with your wrench.

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