How to Repair a Pride Mobility Scooter

by Ann Rach
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Pride Mobility marketed its first line of mobility scooters in 1992. Over the years, the company produced many different models of scooters, and eventually became one of the world's leading manufacturers of mobility products. Even though Pride Mobility is a widely recognized company, its scooters may require occasional troubleshooting. Before you troubleshoot to identify and repair a problem, charge the batteries of your scooter.

Step 1

Check the wiring of the batteries. The batteries should be wired as follows: red to positive (+) and black to negative (-).

Step 2

Replace the batteries if they will not hold a charge. "Batteries over a year old may be defective," warns Pride Mobility.

Step 3

Listen for a beep code. A series of beeps may help users identify problems with their scooters. Two beeps indicates low battery voltage; users must charge batteries until they're fully charged. Five beeps indicates a solenoid brake trip; push the freewheel lever to the drive position. Six beeps indicates a throttle trip; release the throttle control lever, then reinsert the key.

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