How to Repair a Motorcycle Chain

by Cody Sorensen
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A motorcycle chain can be repaired if a link is broken or worn out. A C-clip in the master link can be removed to allow removal of the chain from the motorcycle sprockets. The worn-out or broken part of the chain must be disassembled before inserting a new link and C-clip into the existing chain links to complete the repair. The chain can then be put back on the sprockets and the master-link reconnected.

Step 1

Find the master-link in the motorcycle chain. Look for a link with a C-clip interlocking the pin link pins.

Step 2

Set the tip of a flat-head screwdriver inside the jaws of the C-clip and press down and out so the clip slips out of the circumferential groove of the pin. Slide the closed end of the C-clip off the adjacent pin's grooves until it comes free from the chain.

Step 3

Tap the pin link pins until the pin link slides out of the roller link. Pull the pin link out of the roller link with a pair of pliers. Remove the chain from the sprockets of the motorcycle.

Step 4

Find the link in the chain that needs to be repaired. Put on a pair of gloves and safety glasses and grasp the chain with both hands so the bad link is in between your hands. Grind down the pin link plate pins until the link plate can be removed with pliers. Pull the pin link out of the roller link.

Step 5

Insert a replacement pin link through the roller link until the pins come out on the side where the grinding was done. Snap a new C-clip into the grooves of the new pin link to lock the new link in place.

Step 6

Put the chain back around the motorcycle sprockets. Reassemble the master chain link by inserting the pin link through the roller link and the outer roller link plate. Snap the C-clip back into the pin link's grooves. Use the screwdriver if prying is needed to get the jaws of the C-clip open and over the pins.

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