How to Repair a Differential Oil Leak in a 2005 Ford Escape

by Allen Moore
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Differential oil in a 2005 Ford Escape provides lubrication for the ring and pinion gears inside the differential. If this fluid breaks down or leaks out, you can expect extensive damage to the ring and pinion which translates to expensive repairs. Ford Motor Company recommends servicing the differential every 45,000 miles; however, if you have a leak, you should perform the service immediately. Anyone with basic auto repair knowledge can fix a differential leak in a 2005 Ford Escape in less than one hour.

Step 1

Shove wheel chocks against the front and back of the Ford Escape's right front tire. Lift the rear of the Ford with a floor jack and support it on jack stands positioned under the rear spring perches.

Step 2

Set a drain pan directly below the Escape's differential cover. Remove the differential cover bolts with a socket set. Pull the differential cover off the differential.

Step 3

Scrape the old gasket away from the differential and differential cover sealing surfaces with a putty knife. Wipe the surfaces down with a shop rag to remove any remaining gasket material. Clean the surfaces with brake cleaner.

Step 4

Apply a continuous bead of black RTV around the entire sealing surface on the differential cover.

Step 5

Put the differential cover back into position. Thread the cover bolts in by hand then tighten them with the socket set.

Step 6

Remove the differential fill plug with a socket wrench. Fill the differential with differential fluid until the level of the fluid reaches the bottom lip of the fill hole. Reinstall the fill plug with the socket wrench.

Step 7

Lower the Escape off the jack stands with the floor jack then remove the wheel chocks from the front tire.

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