How to Repair the Headliner in a Dodge Truck

by Cassandra Tribe
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Nothing ruins the interior appearance of a Dodge truck more than a sagging or torn headliner. The smallest tear can become a major rip in little time as gravity will naturally pull the headliner off the headliner board once the fabric begins to hang down. Many truck owners will purchase spray headliner adhesive and attempt to fix the headliner while it is still in place. This will not work as the material must be formed smoothly to the board to remain in good condition. To repair the headliner in a Dodge truck, it is necessary to remove the headliner board from the vehicle first.

Step 1

Use a Phillips or Torx screwdriver to remove the screws holding all the trim, dome light frames, sun visors, seat belt brackets and anything else that may be attached to the ceiling of the truck in place and remove the items. If the screw is not easily seen, look for a small plug inset in the item; pry the plug out of place to reveal the hidden screw.

Step 2

Remove the door post trim by pulling it out of place, beginning at the rear of the one piece trim -- toward the rear of the cab -- and working towards the front of the cab. Pulling will slide the plastic inserts attached to the trim out of the metal clips attached to the door post that are holding the trim in place. Remove the trim from the cab. Make sure to do this on the passenger and driver's side of the cab.

Step 3

Guide the headliner board as it drops out of place so it falls at an angle and can be removed through the passenger side door. Do not attempt to remove it through the driver's side door as the steering column will block the way.

Step 4

Lay the board down on a flat area and remove the old headliner. Peel the headliner off the board slowly while using a soft toothbrush to loosen the adhesive as it comes free.

Step 5

Scrub the board clean of all old adhesive using an old toothbrush.

Step 6

Fix any broken parts of the board by using duct tape to reform the area, hold the broken piece in place or cover any holes.

Step 7

Unwrap the new headliner material and orient the roll on the board so the preformed openings for the dome light and other special forms will fall in the right position when laid in place.

Step 8

Spray the board with adhesive spray and carefully place the new headliner in position. Peel the liner up and reapply it should any wrinkles or bubbles appear. The new liner should lay perfectly smooth.

Step 9

Put the headliner back into the vehicle. Replace any dome lights or visors first before moving onto the trim as they are easier to install and will hold the liner in place while the rest of the trim and accessories are installed.

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