How to Repair a Gas Station Pump

by Darryl James
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Gas station pumps deliver fuel from underground reservoirs to cars and trucks each day. And, since the demand for gasoline can go to extremes, it is essential the pump is in good working condition. However; when the gas station pump falls into disrepair, several methods of repairs can be initiated, so the pump may continue to be in use.

Identify Part

Step 1

Identify the component of the pump in disrepair and shut off the fuel. Gas station pumps are an assembly of small parts, each of which can cause other parts or even the entire pump assembly to fail. Once the malfunctioning part is identified, the repair can begin.

Step 2

Replace a malfunctioning nozzle by removing the entire nozzle assembly from the end hose of the gas station pump. If the lever on the nozzle is in disrepair, replace it and the repaired or new nozzle assembly back on the hose.

Step 3

Detach the nozzle from the end hose, then detach the hose from the gas station pump using vice grips and/or an open-end wrench. Repair the hose if possible to do so safely without the risk of fuel leakage; otherwise, replace the hose with a new hose, connecting to the gas station pump and the nozzle assembly.

Step 4

Replace sensors related to stopping the pump when the vehicle is full. The handle of the nozzle allows the fuel to flow into the vehicle, but when the vehicle is full, sensors signal the gas station pump to stop the flow. If the sensor is malfunctioning, the flow of fuel may be uninterrupted properly, possibly leading to a spill.

Step 5

Clear and clean the drainage canals in the gas station pump area so that any fuel spillage can safely drain away, preventing possible fires from pooled gas and negligent humans. Sweep and/or flush away dirt, sand and other debris that may be blocking the fuel drainage canals. Fill any cracks in the drainage canals with asphalt repair materials so that no spilled fuel pools unseen on the ground surface.

Step 6

Replace malfunctioning valves on the gas station pump to allow the fuel to flow freely. This step should only be conducted if you have the proper training; otherwise, a trained professional should analyze the valves and make any necessary repairs.

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