How to Replace a Fuel Pump in a Hyundai Accent

by Dan FerrellUpdated November 07, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

  • Wrench set

  • Spanner wrench

The electric fuel pump in your Hyundai Accent provides the necessary fuel pressure to feed the engine combustion chamber. However, worn pump bearings or faulty pump valves may cause low or higher than normal fuel pressure. In such case, you need to replace the pump.

Remove the rear seat cushion by pulling on the retaining strap located towards the back of the seat. Then pull the seat upward.

Pull the access door panel on the floor by pulling the door through the hole with your finger or a screwdriver.

Unplug the fuel pump module connector by pressing on the lock tab and pulling the plastic connector from the harness.

Start the engine and let it idle until it stalls.

Crank the engine for about 3 seconds.

Turn the ignition switch off.

Disconnect the black, negative battery cable using a wrench.

Disconnect the fuel supply, return and vapor lines from the fuel pump/sending unit assembly by pressing on the lock tabs of the plastic connectors. Work through the door access panel.

Unplug the fuel sender connector by pressing the lock tab and pull the connector off its harness.

Unscrew the lockring holding the fuel pump/sending unit assembly onto the tank using a spanner wrench. Turn the lockring counterclockwise until the ring is released.

Lift the fuel pump/sending unit assembly off the fuel tank being careful not to damage the sender unit extension arm.

Remove the fuel pump from the assembly.

Mount the new fuel pump on the pump/sending unit assembly.

Set the pump/sending unit assembly in the tank with the sender unit extension arm pointing towards the rear of the fuel tank. If provided, make sure any arrows or marks on the pump/sending unit assembly flange align with the arrow or marks on the fuel tank mounting base.

Lock the pump/sending unit assembly in place by turning the lockring clockwise using the spanner wrench.

Plug the fuel sender connector.

Connect the fuel supply, return and vapor lines.

Replace the access panel door.

Install the rear seat cushion.

Connect the black, negative battery cable.


If you do not have access to a spanner wrench, you may rent one from an auto parts store.


Make sure you park away from appliances with open flames like water heaters and dryers to avoid a possible accident, every time you work on the fuel system of your Hyundai Accent.

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