How to Repair an F-150 Tailgate Hinge

by Daniel Valladares

The tailgate hinges on your Ford F-150 allow you to lower and raise the tailgate on your truck. If either of the hinges breaks, your tailgate may not be able to stay on the truck. In this case, the most sensible solution would involve replacing the hinge. Mending a faulty hinge will not completely restore it, and it may break again. Therefore, the safest option is to replace the broken tailgate hinge.

Open the truck's tailgate. Remove the taillight cover panel, and disconnect the taillight electrical connector by pulling it off.

Cover the lower bumper area with a towel to protect the painted surfaces when removing the tailgate.

Remove the two tailgate support cables from the sides of the tailgate using a socket wrench. Remove the two bolts securing each tailgate hinge while an assistant supports the tailgate.

Replace the old hinges with new hinges. Reinstall the two hinge bolts, and reattach the tailgate support cables. Reattach the electrical connector and the taillight cover panel. Close the tailgate.

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