How to Repair a Decal

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Decals on a vehicle may become aged and need to be removed and replaced on a vehicle. Since there is no actual repair process for an already applied decal, removing and replacing it with the same (or similar) decal is the only way to restore the product to its original condition. While this may sound difficult, the proper tools and instructions can help you complete the task successfully.

Remove the damaged decal. Warming the area with a heat gun will raise the sticker from the surface. Once it has been raised, use a plastic razor blade to peel away the parts of the decal that cannot easily be pulled off with your fingers.

Clean the area where the decal was affixed. Use a grease and wax remover and a small cloth. Continue until all of the original adhesive material is removed from the vehicle.

Align the new decal so that it has proper placement on the vehicle. Use a spray bottle to spray water on the application site so that the decal properly adheres to the vehicle's surface. Remove the paper from one end of the decal and press the sticky end down in place on the vehicle. Slowly continue to remove the paper backing and press the decal into place as the sticky side becomes exposed. Use a plastic squeegee to press the sticker in place as you move along.

Press out any bubbles that may surface after the sticker has been completely applied to the vehicle. If a water bubble refuses to smooth out, cut the bubble carefully with a razor blade and press the sticker down into place. Exercise caution so that you do not damage the finish of the vehicle with the razor blade.

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