How to Repair Car Leather with Glue

by Grace Restivo

Although the leather seats are durable, they can still be damaged accidentally. A small hole or tear in the leather can grow and become a bigger problem; therefore it is important to repair the damage to maintain the value of the car.

Cut off any rough areas or loose thread from the edges of the tear or hole. Clean the tear or hole using a cloth and rubbing alcohol. The area above and beneath the tear should be cleaned as well. If the area is losing color, cleaning should be stopped.

Cut a piece of leather to a patch one inch larger than the tear or hole.

Apply the adhesive around the edges of the tear and then place the leather patch over the top. Allow a few hours to dry and then lightly sand around the edges to smooth edges and remove excess glue.

Dye the replacement leather to match the color using a small cloth to apply. Gently rub off any excess dye with a clean cloth.

Apply leather conditioner over the patch with a small cloth. This will produce a glossy finish to the repair work.

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