How to Rent a Trailer to Build a Parade Float

by Aubrey Warshaw
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A float is a decorated platform, which is towed behind a vehicle for a celebratory parade. Many people chose to use trailers to build a parade float because they are easy to decorate and pull. Some people don't own a trailer, however, and must rent one from a rental service. It can be helpful to know the process involved in renting a trailer to ensure that your parade float is safe and properly built.

Step 1

Determine the size of the trailer needed. The size of the trailer will depend on the size and weight of the parade float. Estimate the length, width, height and weight needed to properly build the parade float.

Step 2

Find a trailer rental service with a trailer that meets your requirements. Use the Service Magic website for a list of available trailer rental services in your area. Select your zip code, the size of the trailer and any supplies needed -- whether you need a hitch and press "Click Here to Continue."

Step 3

Call a trailer rental service in the designated area to reserve the trailer. Find out the rental cost and arrange for a time and date to pick it up. Arrange to have a trailer hitch installed, if needed. Let the trailer rental service's agent know that the trailer will be used to build a parade float. Find out if there are any restrictions on what you can do to the trailer. For example, some trailer rental services will only allow non-adhesive tape to be applied to the trailer.

Step 4

Call your insurance agency. Check to make sure that your insurance policy will cover any possible damage to the trailer or the vehicle pulling it. Explain to the agent that the trailer will be used to build a float. This will help you determine whether there are any specific policies you must follow to be properly insured. For example, your insurance agency might not cover any claims if the contents on the trailer exceed a maximum height.

Step 5

Pick up the trailer from the trailer rental service. Have the trailer hitch installed if you already made arrangements to do so. Make sure to inspect the trailer for visible damage before signing any rental agreement. This will prevent you from being charged for any prior damage, and also ensure that the parade float is stable and its riders are safe.

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