How to Rent a Specific Car

by Todd Bowerman

When you are traveling on business or just looking for a change of dashboard scenery, it can be nice to rent the specific car that you have been eyeballing at the dealership or on TV. Renting a specific vehicle can be tricky because most rental companies rent out cars based on the type of car such as sedan or sports utility vehicle, rather than the model. However, if you do your homework and speak with multiple services, chances are good that you can rent the car of your choice.

Find out which car rental services stock the car you wish to drive. Many rental shops have exclusive deals with certain manufacturers, which means that new Dodge Charger or Chevrolet Aveo may not be available in every rental lot.

Speak with a store representative either on-site or over the phone and inquire as to whether the rental company allows you to make reservations on specific car models. Most rental companies will do what they can to get you in the car you want, but may not always keep your specific car on the lot.

Get your reservation in writing. If you have found a rental company that can promise you a specific vehicle, have them fax a copy of the rental agreement over or print one out for you in the store. This will help in the event your destination store does not want to honor the agreement.

Consider looking into some of the more high-end rental services. For instance, Hertz offers rentals on specific luxury vehicles as a part of its "Prestige Collection," while a number of other rental companies deal exclusively in exotic cars.

Pick up your car at the rental company. If you have an agreement for a specific vehicle and it is not on the lot, speak with a manager and request that one be brought from another nearby location.

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