How to Rent a 15 Passenger Van

by Kelly Shetsky

A 15-passenger van comes in handy when traveling with a large group--whether you have a big family or are traveling with a sports team to a game. It offers room, comfort and safety. You can also get TVs and DVDs to make the trip go faster.

Approach car rental companies to see if they keep 15-passenger vans in their fleet. There are also van rental companies such as Bandago that specialize in this type of rental.

Be at least 25 years old to rent vehicles from the majority of car rental companies, including Alamo and Enterprise. Show a valid driver's license. Bandago also requires proof of current auto liability insurance.

Check the geographic area and mileage restrictions. Some rental companies charge you the same no matter how many miles and how far you drive a 15-passenger van. Others have stricter rules and will charge you if you go over the set mileage.

Know that some 15-passenger vans do not meet federal bus safety standards, so they may not be able to be used to transport young children on school-related events.

Rent a van with technological updates to keep passengers entertained on long trips. Many 15-passenger bans come equipped with a LCD video screen, video game system, DVD player and iPod support.

Learn the rental company's policies. Alamo, for example, doesn't allow a van rented in the United States to be driven in Canada. In addition, it cannot be used to transport children in the 12th grade or younger for school-related events unless the children are related to the renter.

Consider spending more to rent a GPS system or Wi-Fi Internet from the rental company, if desired.

Look for online coupons on the rental companies' websites. Image Van Rentals, for instance, offers discounts on 12- and 15-passenger vans.


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