How to Rent a Conversion Van

by Jerry Garner
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A conversion van may not always be practical for daily driving, but there are many instances when it is useful to have one available. If you are taking the family on a long road trip or need to transport many people at once, a conversion van often is the best option. Removing the back seats also makes the van ideal for transporting any type of cargo you need to move. Renting is always an option if you find yourself in a situation where having a conversion van would be helpful, but do not know anyone from whom you can borrow one.

Step 1

Find a rental car company that rents conversion vans in your area. Some of the main rental companies are Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, Budget and Dollar. Visit their websites (see Resources) to see if the local office rents conversion vans.

Step 2

Call each of the rental car companies in your area. Ask each about the availability of conversion vans for rental. Conversion vans are typically considered a special request item and may not be immediately available. Expect to be required to give a week's notice for one to be brought to the rental location. Inquire what the rental rate will be each day you have the van. Also, find out how many miles you are allowed to drive the conversion van without accruing additional charges.

Step 3

Reserve your conversion van. When you are happy with the deal offered by one of the rental car companies, make a reservation for the conversion van on the dates that you need it. Supply the car rental agent with your driver's license number, credit card information and anything else that they may require to complete your reservation.

Step 4

Go to the car rental office on the day that you reserved the conversion van for pick-up. You must submit your driver's license and credit card at this time so the rental car agent can make a photocopy of the documents. You will have the option of accepting optional car insurance on the conversion van, and you must sign the rental agreement on the conversion van.

Step 5

Inspect the car for physical damage before leaving the rental car lot. Make sure the conversion van has a full tank of gas. If you encounter any damage or if the gas tank is not full, note this on your rental agreement so that you are not charged for repairs when you return the vehicle. You should also be aware that you will be charged an extra fee if you do not return the van with a full tank of gas.

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