How to Rent a Car Lift

by Neal Litherland

Car lifts are the hydraulic lifts you often see at auto garages that allow mechanics to get completely underneath a car to diagnose and fix problems. Many do-it-yourself car mechanics would like to have the use of a car lift, but they don't have the room or the pocket book to own their own. Fortunately, there may be options for renting a car lift, but you'll have to ask around in your local area and see just what's available.

Step 1

Call local auto shops and auto garages to see if they rent out the use of car lifts and car bays. They may not due to insurance and money reasons, but it's a good place to begin your search for a car lift you can use.

Step 2

Call local technical schools and high schools that have automotive vocational programs. These facilities might be available for use or rent by the public, but you'd have to contact the administrative body in charge of your local facilities to find out.

Step 3

Search for do it yourself auto garages. There aren't many of these businesses currently available, but they offer the use of fully functioning auto lifts as well as the advice of on staff mechanics to help you with your personal repairs. These businesses will be listed on the Internet, and they should also be in the phone book.

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